Kiltartan Road - Songs From The Poetry Of W. B. Yeats
Kiltartan Road
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Chicago Sun-Times

". . . A RAPTUROUS weave of the IRRESISTABLE sounds of Irish music and the steely but lyrical magic that animates the words of one of Ireland's most celebrated poets, W. B. Yeats." —Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune

"A JOY. POETRY TO THE EARS. Alternately tender and rousing. . . Joseph Sobol's song settings mirror the Irish master equally in joy and sorrow. Yeats would be proud to hear his verse so magically restored. Yeats urged himself to "write for the ear so that you may be instantly understood, as when actor or folk singer stands before an audience." Backed by singers Kathy Cowan and Tom Orf, guitarist Sobol does just that, his sumptuous score offering the soaring grace of Hanrahan's anthem, the contagious jigs of "The Fiddler of Dooney," and the Bach-like solemnity of "Crazy Jane On God." Warming each note with Gaelic charm and unaffected purity, Cowan's richly textured delivery lifts the "Innisfree" ballad to folk glory." —Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Tribune

Washington (VA) News

"ASTONISHING. . . . A major accomplishment. The show has that combination of joy and pathos that comes with the finest of opera." —Edward Morgan, Washington (VA) News

Philadelphia Inquirer

"Joseph Daniel Sobol has composed music that fits the sense and mood of Yeats's poems, but the music is so distinctively Irish that people partial to that genre would like this piece even if they were not familiar with Yeats. In addition to being an homage to the poet, this show is A GREAT IRISH SONGFEST. . . . KATHY COWAN [IS] SUPERB." —Douglas Keating, Philadelphia Inquirer

Purdue University-Calumet

"Your songs captured the spirit of this greatest of 20th century poets. The performance combined splendid entertainment with a valuable enhancement of one's knowledge of Yeats. Thank you for an unforgettable evening." —Prof. Robert L. Selig, Purdue University-Calumet

Chicago Reader

"The crackerjack band includes Kathy Cowan, whose radiant, vibrant voice has earned the the reputation of best interpreter of Irish songs in town." —Ted Shen, Chicago Reader

Studs Terkel

"ENCHANTING, endearing, yet so rich in things we didn't know till now. As O'Casey's Joxter would say: `IT'S A DARLIN' SHOW!'" —Studs Terkel, author and radio host WFMT-FM, Chicago

Emory University

"An extraordinarily rich and beautiful evocation of the genius of Yeats and of his beloved Ireland." —James Flannery, Emory University, Director, Yeats International Theatre Festival

Dirty Linen Magazine

"Kathy has the perfect voice for traditional Irish music...(her) rich voice rings true. "
Dirty Linen magazine


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